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May 2022 VoicePing P-one Updates

Keyboard Changes and the addition of Press-To-Text

Greetings, enthusiast!

We would like to show off some major software updates to VoicePing P-one. After a few months of refining, we now have Speech-To-Text. 

We have also taken feedback from our initial batch and made improvements in the settings.

  1. We made the T9 keyboard larger on the screen so you can see the letters easier. Some improvements were also made on T9 usage in general. 
  2. Duraspeed is now turned on by default. This should make the memory management automatic and clear off background apps which makes the phone remain fast. If you want apps to be allowed in the background, you can find Duraspeed in the settings and you can disable it from there.
  3. You can now take photos with the center button in camera mode. This allows for photos that are focused.
  4. We have also added the clock app as many users have expressed the need of being able to set multiple alarms. (e.g. seniors needing to set alarms for their medication.)
  5. We have also made the IMEI 2 (Higher positioned SIM) compatible with AT&T MVNOs including Consumer Cellular, Tracfone, and Cricket Wireless. AT&T IMEI should start with the digits 86 or 01. Press *#06# to get the IMEI 2. 

These improvements are in ROM 20220310.V3.01 which are in the second batch of devices  now in stock on

For Frequently Asked Questions, head over to the bottom of the homepage. 

For other inquiries, please email us at Please include "P-one" in the subject line.



Voiceping P-one Support Team