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Speech to Text on VoicePing P-one Phone

Easier text with Speech to text via the PTT Button

Speech to Text

A unique button on the P-one is the PTT button on the left. You might have wondered what it is for. We have been developing this for a while and its ready!. The PTT button is now the Press-To-Text button. You can make a quick search/text by pressing and holding the PTT button at the side of the phone and speaking into the in-built microphone.



To do so, you will need to configure your phone with the required updates for the speech-to-text function to work.

  1. Update T9 Keyboard App from Google Play Store
  2. Tap on "T9 Keyboard" app and scroll to the bottom of the list and tap "Install Google".
  3. Google Playstore will pop up and load, click "Install".
  4. Once installed, go back to "Traditional T9 Settings" app and scroll to "Speech to Text" checkbox to tick it. PTT button will be used to do speech to text when keyboard is in focus.
  5. * To disable "Speech to Text" function, go to "Traditional T9 Settings" app and uncheck the "Speech to Text" box.

Speech-to-text function is a great option for times when your hands are busy or driving and you are not able to text on the keypad. We use Google's Speech to Text which everyone knows is the Gold Standard for voice typing.

It is also great for people, kids or elderly who find typing on a T9 keyboard a hassle, one can bypass it with this speech-to-text function.