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Speed Dial

Enabling you to reach your contacts faster with a touch of a button

Speed Dial

The user can make a quick call to up to 8 contacts by pressing and holding a number on the dialer for 3 seconds while the dialer is ON.

To do so, you will need to configure predefined recipient phone number inside the SOS application.

SOS application can be found in Google Playstore - Link here!

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1. Click on "Speed Dial" icon to setup selected contacts to be on speed dial.

2. Select contacts from your phone book by clicking the "Phone Book" icon and seleting your desired contact to be placed on the specified number on the dialer.

 3. Once you have setup your favourite contacts on the speed dialer, simply press the "Green" call button to get to your dialer. Press and hold a number on the dialer for 3 seconds to speed dial a contact!


For more detailed feature please see the following video: