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User Manual

P-one Senior and Kids Phone User Manual

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Unpacking and Checking the Equipment

We recommend you to ensure all of the items listed below are included before discarding the cardboard box. If any items are lost or damaged in transit, please check with our distributor.


Contents of Box

Items Number

Handset                      1

Lithium Battery           1

Power Adaptor            1

USB Charging              1

Strap                            1

Belt Clip                       1

User Manual                1



Connect the device with AC adapter, power on, the indicator light colour turns red.

Connect the device and Power Adapter by Micro USB cable. The LED indicator should turn Red during charging.

The indicator light color turns green when charging finishes. The indicator light turns off when exposed to high operating temperature, poor contact, or battery damage.

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Operation System             Android 7.1

Working Temperature      -5℃~+55℃

Storage Temperature       -20℃~+70℃

Working Voltage               3.8V

CPU                                     MT6739 1.5.GHz

RAM                                    1GB+8GB

Network Support               WIFI (2.4/5) BT GPS/AGP

Frequency EU                         GSM: B2/B3/B5/B8

                                             WCDMA: B1/B5/B8

                                             FDD: B1/B3/B5/B7/B8/B20/B28a/B28b                                               

                                             TDD: B38/B40


                        US                        GSM: B2/B3/B5/B8

                                             WCDMA: B1/B2/B4/B5/B8

                                             FDD: B2/B4/B7/B12/B17/B28a/B28b/B66

Screen Size                        2.4 inches

Screen Resolution             240*320

Camera                               Rear camera 8.0MP

Dimension(H*W*D)          135*60*20.8mm

Weight                                 ≈ 210g


Button Description

No Name Description

 1          PTT                          Long Press to call a predefined number

 2          Volume +                Volume Up

 3          Volume -                 Volume Down

 4          Selection Key         Mouse Mode

 5          Home                      Home

 6          Back                        Back to Previous Menu

 7           SOS                        Long Press to send SOS SMS

 8           Dialing (Green)      Make a Voice Call

 9           Hang-up (Red)       Hang-up a Voice Call. Long press to Power On/Off

10          - F3                         Backspace/Delete

11           o OK                        OK: Left, Right, Up, Down

12          *                               Keyboard Mode change.

13          0                              0 or Long press for Flashlight

14          #                              Multiple functions. See T9 Keyboard.

15          Camera                   8MP



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 1. Insert SIM Card

(a) SIM 1: T-Mobile

(b) SIM 2: AT&T


2. Insert Micro SD Card (Optional)


3. Insert Battery

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(a) Insert the end with metal contacts into the bottom of the battery slot;

(b) Press down on the other end of the battery


Close the battery cover

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(a) Push up the battery cover socket;

(b) Lock the battery latch, slide right the batch to lock

(c) To open the battery cover, slide the battery batch to left


4. Power ON

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 (a) Press and hold the power button until the screen is ON


Connecting to Network

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 Connect to Wi-Fi

After the device is turned on and the main screen shows up, click the “Settings” icon and find the Wi-Fi icon, then click to enter the check box, make sure the right side “On” button is toggled on, choose the wireless network you want to connect to, enter the password.


SIM Cards Settings

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You can choose which SIM card that you like to activate. Click the “Settings” icon, and find the SIM cards icon, then click the toggle ON/OFF for the network that you like to use.


Connect to Cellular Data

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Click the “Settings” icon on the mainscreen, find the “More” - “Cellular networks”. 

Please check the “Access Point Names” information if correct. 


Find the "Data Usage" in "Settings" and click to enter the check box, switch on & activate the “Cellular data” button, choose the Cellular Network you require.


If you have trouble activating your phonewith AT&T, please contact us at:


Make a Phone Call

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 (a) Press Green Dial Button

 (b) Enter phone number that you like to call 

 (c) Press Green Dial Button again to start the call


T9 Keyboard

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Your phone comes with a physical keyboard which will provide a tactile experience during texting. There are 3 modes for texting. You can choose which mode based on your preference. 


Dictionary (En) Mode 

In this mode, the user can press one time on the button that contains the desired word. The suggested words will appear on the screen. You can select the words by using the Up / Down button. The suggested words will be improved based on your previous usage. 


Example: To type “Hello”: Press keypad 4-3-5-5-6 

(Suggested words will appear on the screen). Press Up/Down to select other suggestions and Center Key to Select. 


Alphabet (Ab) Mode

In this mode, the user can press the button that contains the desired letter many times until the letter on the screen changes to the desired letter. The user can refer to the letter sequence on the keypad.


Example: To type “Hello”: Press keypad 4-4-3-3-5-5-5-wait a while-5-5-5-6-6-6.


Number (12) Mode

In this mode, you can simply press the button that is containing the desired number to type.


Example: To type “1234”: Press keypad 1234.


Texting Keypad Description


No. Name Description

  1              * Star Key                Long press to switch Mode (En/Ab/12); Short press to change                                                   capital mode

  2               - Backs                  Delete previous character

  3               # Hash Key            Short press to space; Long press to enter new paragraph

  4               0 Number "0"        Short press to open symbol menu; Long press during number                                                              mode to type “+”

  5                1 Number "1"        Short press to insert symbol using shortcut


Login Google Play 

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 (a) Open the Google Play Store App

 (b) Login using your own existing Google account, or 

 (c) Sign up to new Google account



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 QR Scan / URL Link

Simply scan the following QR code with a QR reader from the phone or open the provided link from the phone browser to go to our website.



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Worry not, in case of emergency the user can simply press and hold the SOS button for 3 seconds while the screen ON. Then the SOS app will send an SMS that contains the current location and message to the predefined recipient.


Please configure the recipient number inside the SOS application.


Quick Call with PTT Button

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The user can make a quick call to 1 favorite contact by simply pressing and holding the PTT button for 3 seconds while the screen ON. 


Please configure the predefined recipient phone number inside the SOS application.


Google Family Link

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For child users, it is safer for them when outside as the parents can monitor their location anytime.


AnyDesk App

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Download and install the Anydesk APK file from our website. This app will provide remote access to the phone from another device. Simply get the Anydesk ID from the user to remote in.


Safety/Usage Warning

Usage Notes:

Do not use the phone in an explosive environment (such as gas, dust, steam, etc.) or charge the battery


•  Please turn off the phone while refueling or parking at the gas station.


•  Do not adopt or modify the machine whether there is any reason.


•  Do not let the phone be exposed to prolonged direct sunlight.


•  Do not place it near a heating appliance too.


• Do not put the phone at an extremely dusty, damp, and splashing place, and do not place it on an unstable surface.


•  The repair of the phone can only be carried out by professional technicians, do not disassemble by yourself.


Battery Storage

Remove battery from the device:

※ Charge and discharge the battery to 40%-65% of charge if phone will NOT be used for 10      days or more. This can greatly extend the battery life.


※ The battery automatically discharges to below 65% when it is idle for more than 10 days to   

     prevent it from swelling.


※ Store the battery in cool and dry places (with a temperature lower than 25℃).


Warning for Battery Usage


※  Do not overcharge the battery


 ※  Do not put battery into the microwave or high-pressure container


 ※  Do not expose broken battery near any kind of ignition sources


 ※  If the battery is broken or leaking (or with abnormal odor), please remove it from 

       flammable condition immediately.


※   If something abnormal presents itself (odd smell, discoloration, deformation, etc.), stop   

       charging immediately and stop using the battery.


Simple Troubleshooting 

Unable to turn on 

 The battery may be incorrectly installed. Remove and re-insert the battery.

 The battery might be dead. Charge or replace the battery.

 The battery may not be in good condition due to dirt or damage.


Phone Apps crashes

Clean the metal contactpoint pole or replace it.

Force stop some running applications or restart the Phone.


Buttons no response 

The buttons may not work temporarily, restart the phone. 

The buttons are broken, Contact the dealer or our company.  


White screen display 

 The display screen may not work temporarily, restart the phone.                                   

 The display screen is broken, contact the dealer or our company for Customer service.                            


Echo or noise during connecting

 The communication signal may be weak, make sure the phone is within network coverage. 

 The speaker may be covered, clean the speaker surface.   


Unable to identify SIM Card 

 The SIM card may be incorrectly installed. Remove and re-insert the SIM card. 

  Sim card may not be in good condition due to dirt or damage, Clean the metal contact  

  point pole or replace it.                                                                                


Unable to locate 

The GPS signal is weak and the phone may not be able to receive the signal. Move to an 

 open & flat place and locate it again.


 Unable to Charge  

 Power adapter plug may be damaged or poor contacting, pull out and re-plug the adapter.  Charging cable connectors may be damaged or have poor contact. Pull out and 

re-insert the cable.              


Short standby time 

 The battery life becomes shorter in a high temperature environment, Replace with a new       

  qualified battery. 

  Network Operator problem, Power consumption increasing in areas a weak signal, please  

  temporarily turn off the device.                                                                           


Unable to connect the Network 

 SIM card cannot work properly or cannot be used. Make sure the SIM card has a balance      and is not overdue. 

  The mobile network is not enabled, Switch on the SIM card network and contact 

   the Network operator to activate the cellular network.  


Limited Warranty Days 

1-1 Exchange Policy

For 1–1 exchange to be valid, items purchased must be returned within 30 days to our service center. All accessories, packaging, and receipt must be presented for the exchange. The device should not show signs of wear and tear or product damaged by the customer's fault. The IMEI of the returned device should be the same as per receipt and is a warrantied set sold by SWT International Pte Ltd.


You may opt to choose another item and pay the price difference. In the event where the product is no longer sold, a credit note may be offered and must be utilized within one (01) month. Extension of the expiry date is not permitted. Refund is subject to approval and will be given in the same mode of payment that was used in the original purchase (if a credit card is used, please bring along the same card & the amount must be credited back into thesame credit card).


14 Days Refund Policy

If the exchange period has elapsed, customers can proceed to contact the brand's service center directly for any repair or warranty claims, if applicable. Customers are encouraged to contact theservice centers first before visiting and bring along the original purchasing receipt/invoice with the faulty product during your visit.

To be eligible for a refund, you have to return the item you have purchased to us within 14 calendar days of the purchase. The device should not show signs of wear and tear or product damaged by the customer. Contact our service center for an appointment for a refund if you had bought online.

If our products arrive damaged, please contact us right away and we will handle the product under a 14-day 1-1 exchange policy.  


Contact Us    

Address: 4533 MacArthur Boulevard Suite #A5175 Newport Beach, CA 92660

Live Chat/Call Hours: 10am-2pm, 9pm-1pm Central Time Tuesdays through Saturdays

Phone: +1-832-384-8988

If you have trouble activating the phone for AT&T, please contact us.