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VoicePing P-one - Compatible for AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon?


Unlocked. 4G with VoLTE support. Whitelisted.

Quick info on the P-One

We know how hard it can be to choose a phone with all the available options out there. There are too many models and features to choose from, and too much technical jargon that most of us wouldn't understand. On top of that, we’d still need to figure out if the model we want is compatible with the carrier or network provider in our area. 

It can definitely be a hassle, so we're here to help you save your time and energy. We’ve laid out all the information you need right here for the VoicePing P-one. We’ve summarized everything you need to know into a few key points so you'll know exactly what you’ll get from this device. 

  1. The VoicePing P-one is network unlocked. 
  2. It works on AT&T and T-Mobile.
  3. It has smartphone abilities.
  4. It works well with older people and kids.

The VoicePing P-one is network unlocked.

To give you more flexibility, the VoicePing P-one doesn’t come locked to any carrier. The device comes unlocked so you can use it with the network of your choice. It uses 4G for better coverage, and supports VoLTE, HD Voice and VoWiFi.

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The 4G bands it works with are FDD: 

  • B2(1900MHz)
  • B0(1700/2100MHz)
  • B5(850MHz)
  • B7(2600MHz)
  • B12(700MHz)
  • B17(700MHz)
  • B28a/B28b(703-803MHz)
  • B66(1700MHz)

It works on AT&T and T-Mobile

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The P-one still works well on AT&T, even after 3G became obsolete. It's technically not on AT&T’s whitelist, but has been verified to work with it. You might get a message like in the picture above initially but it will still work. If it doesn’t work on AT&T with VoLTE and 4G, we can give you a 100% refund upon the return of the device. 

Please remember to insert your AT&T SIM into SIM 2 (Higher Slot) and use the IMEI shown in Phone Settings to activate on AT&T. 

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(SIM Slots: There are 2 SIM slots on this phone. For AT&T, please insert into the higher SIM slot which is IMEI 2. The IMEI should start with the digits 35. Please wait for up to 15 minutes for LTE to be connected. For T-mobile, please insert into the lower SIM slot which is IMEI 1. The IMEI should start with the digits 86 or 01. You can find the IMEI for carrier activation via the Settings App -> System -> About -> Status -> IMEI.)

It also works well on T-Mobile, and has the Extended Range LTE (Band 12), which gives you excellent coverage in rural areas. 

The confirmed carriers it can work with are AT&T, T-Mobile, Mint Mobile and Metro. 

The MVNO carriers it cannot work with are Cricket and Tracefone.

Wi-Fi Calling

The VoicePing P-one supports Wi-Fi Calling. For households that have rooms that barely get cellular signal for calls but still have access to their Wi-Fi routers.(WiFi Calling - All you need to know)

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It has Smartphone abilities

The P-one is definitely not limited to just texting and phone calls. You can use it to browse the web and run applications. It can run popular communication apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype and Zoom, and it runs on the Android 7 operating system with Google Play Store and other services. 

The device is Bluetooth enabled. You can download and run Spotify if you want to listen to music. It also comes with a 3.5mm headphone jack for those who prefer to use wired earphones.  

Other notable features include:

  • Touch-screen capabilities
  • GPS enabled
  • An 8 MP camera
  • 8 GB of storage (but expandable with an SD card)
  • Standby battery time of 4 days and talk time of 8 hours
  • An SOS feature to alert an emergency contact (Can be any number you set it to, whether it’s 911, your own number or a legal guardian’s number)
  • IP54 rating (Protected against limited amounts of dust and water splashed from any direction)

It works well for older people and kids

The P-one was designed to be user-friendly and to prioritize communication. This makes it an excellent device for seniors and kids. It has all the communication capabilities and features of a smartphone while being easier to use at the same time. It’s less complex but just as efficient.

It has a T9 keyboard, navigation buttons and a loudspeaker to make incoming calls more audible. It’s a favorable choice for older people who prefer physical buttons over a touchscreen. The loudspeaker and headphone jack also helps older people with hearing problems. 

The GPS feature, on the other hand, will come in handy for keeping track of your kids’ locations. You can use this with the Google app of your choice.You can also install the Family Link App to control their app usage. This will help you prevent unwanted usage of certain apps in their phones.


The VoicePing P-one is equipped with everything your kids and older family members need. It isn’t locked to any network, allowing it to be used almost anywhere. Its IP54 rating and extended battery life also make it highly durable and easy to maintain. 

In addition to that, it’s undoubtedly the best alternative to the smartphone. You get all communication capabilities of a modern phone, but none of the pitfalls of a smartphone. 

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