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    VoicePing P-one offers a One Year U.S. warranty with our service address in California. If there is a problem, simply email us and we will do a quick diagnosis and allow you to send the device back to us for repair or replacement.


    P-one's Story

    P-one is made in partnership with Smart Walkie Pte Ltd who owns the VoicePing Registered Trademark and Walkie Talkie App VoicePing.


    "We decided to make P-one when we saw that some people preferred a simple and tactile phone experience. Our experience from providing Enterprise Walkie Talkie was that in some cases, a phone that prioritizes communication was much more handy than a smartphone.


    We then saw that seniors and kids could benefit from a smartphone that still retains the candy bar form factor and prioritizes communication over the usage of smartphone apps.


    Thus we made P-one. P-one retains the easy to use number buttons so that calling is done in a familiar way.


    But we also took the time to ensure we have a full Google supported Android OS. Because P-one can run Android and Google services, you can then use the plethora of apps. With apps like Whatsapp, Skype and Facebook, you can delight your parents with pictures and videos that their previous feature phones lack.


    Having Google services also enabled safety apps like google family link which can track kids location and even approve or disable apps remotely.


    We hope P-one will be a great starter smartphone for your close ones." - Hanz, CEO, SWT International.



    We welcome bulk or enterprise purchases. Please contact us for more information.

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